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I am looking forward to participating in the International Jewellery Exhibition


20-23 october 2022 


On last Wednesday, February 21, I had the great honour of welcoming the Canal Alpha TV team who gave me the portrait for their program entitled "Avis de passage".


 See the TV interview

Photo portrait_Olivia site_1_edited.jpg


At 18, after my Jeweler studies from the Chaux-de-Fonds Art School, I had the opportunity during the first four years of my professional life to be trained with the best jewelry craftsmen in the Neuchâtel region. They taught me the rigour and listening to the slightest wishes of customers while scrupulously respecting our craft and its material.


Curious by nature, the watchmaking world then opened up to me, with DNA as its watchwords, value and respect for traditions.

It was by first filing watch cases in the prototype workshop of Herbert & Charlie, two admirable characters, that I learned to understand this very special world. In turn, I then moved on to become Designer Watchmaker and then Product Manager for various brands of the Swatch Group. 

Almost ten years of service with this Great House, both for its physical dimension and for that of the heart.


With this most enriching experience, meeting all the teams that make the hearts of these emblematic companies beat faster, I decided to take back my file in hand!


Artist. Jeweller. Committed 

Three dots, that's all.               


I cross knowledge. I break the codes. I mix art and know-how. Trained by the greatest, and admiring the bravest, I create custom-made jewelry that looks good, inspired by the drama of human life. Your life. 

My vision? I dream of a world where everyone can display and feel supported in their uniqueness. Day after day, I create instinctively to defend who you are, your thousand facets, your vulnerability. 

For a more respectful world

For a world more attentive to vulnerability 

Even if it means shaking up some frozen worlds that lack freshness, diversity and meaning, for crying out loud! 

Today, at 41 years old and after 10 years of experience, I now welcome you to my workshop near the Place du Marché in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the company of my dog Milo, who is never far from the workbench.

#AllDifferent #AllHuman

Swiss creative jeweler with ethical and responsible values. Thank you for your incredible support since 2013. 


We look forward to meeting you!

What an adventure! 

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