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wedding jewellery

engagement rings

wedding rings


All the parts shown here are part of a customer portfolio. I made them to order. 

These are unique pieces. 



Do you want to create your own?

You've come to the right place!



Beyond the manufacture of jewellery, what particularly motivates me is the transmission of values and the return to singularity. To put it simply, I identify your desires through my creations by creating the jewel that reflects your history and personality.



Whatever your origin and who you are. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, exuberant or discreet, banker or crossword designer; welcome to Mademoiselle O !



Are you interested in the process? 


I invite you to make a first appointment without commitment in order to get to know each other, define your desires and imagine together your project according to your budget.



Do you have any questions? 


Feel free to write to me here.


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